Alessandro Priolo

Full Professor of Animal nutrition and feeding [AGR/18]


Alessandro Priolo obtained his master degree in Agricultural Sciences with the maximum evaluation (110 and laude). He entered the PhD course on Animal Science by winning a grant of a joint program between the University of Bari and the University of Catania (both in Italy). In this period he worked experimentally at the University of Catania. The main field of study has been the effect of feeding meat quality He defended the PhD thesis entitled “the effects of condensed tannins in carob pulp on lamb growth and carcass and meat quality”. During the PhD he spent eight months at MIRINZ (Hamilton, New Zealand) In the year 2000 he has been responsible of a research project in France on the effects of grass feeding on meat quality. In the year 2002 Alessandro Priolo became Researcher of Applied Animal Science (AGR/19) at the University of Catania (Italy). In the year 2006 he became Associate Professor of Applied Animal Science and since 2011 he is Full Professor of Animal Nutrition (AGR/18). He has authored over 100 scientific publications in the field of animal science, almost all published in international ISI journals and has deposed as co-inventor one international patent on a method of traceability of grass feeding in meat products. Alessandro Priolo has been invited to present key notes and to be chairman in several International Congresses. He has been Associate Editor of the journals Animal (Cambridge University press) and Italian Journal of Animal Science. He is referee of several international journals (Journal of Animal Science, Food Chemistry, Meat Science, Livestock Science and Small Ruminant, Animal Feed Sience & Technology Research among these). He has been called as expert by the United Nations in a joint project between the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA. Alessandro Priolo has been President of the Degree Course in Agricultural Science and at the moment is Coordinator of the PhD course in Agricultural, Food and Environmantal Science of the University of Catania. Alessandro Priolo speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish. In July 2023 Alessandro Priolo has an h-index of 42 and has received over 5800 citations (SCOPUS).

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Ruminant feeding and product quality

Effects of dietary tannins on ruminant meat quality

Traceability of feeding system in animal products