Academic Year 2017/2018 - 1° Year
Teaching Staff Credit Value: 12
Taught classes: 70 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

  • Animal metabolism and product quality

    This course will give to the student the information about the metabolic mechanisms that affect the quality of animal products and in particular milk and meats

Detailed Course Content

  • Animal production systems

    Animal production systems:

    Genetic resources and their productios.

    Milk and meat production in cattle, sheep, goat and swine.

    Endangered authochtonous breeds.

    Application of genetics to livestock production:

    Breeding objectives, breeds characteristics, crossbreeding, selection criteria and genetic evaluation.

    Animal breeding biotechnology.

    Principles of aquaculture

  • Animal metabolism and product quality

    Elements of animal morphology. Nutrients: structural and non structural carbohydrates; the fibre according to the Van Soest system (NDF; ADF ADL; AIA); Crude protein and protein fractions according to the Cornell system (A, B1 B2 B3C) and INRA (PDI); lipids and ruminal bio-hydrogenation of fatty acids. Elements of anatomy and physiology of digestion in monogastric and ruminants. The udder: anatomy and the lactation. Definition of quality for milk and meat.The effects of animal feeling on milk and meat quality

Textbook Information

  • Animal production systems

    1) Bittante G., Andrighetto I., Ramanzin M. Fondamenti di Zootecnica (Liviana Editrice)

    2) Bittante G., Andrighetto I., Ramanzin M. Tecniche di Produzione Animale (Liviana Editrice);

    3) Dialma Balasini – Zoognostica, per la conoscenza, la valutazione e la scelta degli animali. Edagricole

  • Animal metabolism and product quality

    Pulina (Editor) Dairy sheep feeling and nutrition – Avenue media