Rosa Palmeri

Associate Professor of Food science and technology [AGRI-07/A]

updated as of 05/17/2024

Dr. Rosa Palmeri, PhD in Food Science and Technology, is Associate Professor for the s.s.d. AGR/15 Food Science and Technology at the University of Catania, where he carries out research activities focused on: application of enzymes, produced by microorganisms and extracted from plant matrices, in foods; characterization of the same through enzymatic assays in spectrophotometry and electrophoretic techniques; valorisation of waste products to obtain bioactive compounds to be used for food fortification. He is co-author of over 75 scientific publications in international and national journals and conference proceedings. He has participated as a member in international, national and regional research projects. He is the scientific manager of the project "Use of immobilized enzymes obtained from selected microorganisms, in replacement of sulfur dioxide, for the management of spontaneous fermentations" under the Projects measure DM 1062 of 10/08/2021 "Fixed-term researchers of the type A) (RTDA)" Action IV.4 - Doctorates and research contracts on innovation issues. She is and has been the scientific director of various agreements with companies in the food sector and of the 2016-18 Research Plan project of the University of Catania - Line of intervention 2: Ordinary allocation for institutional activities of the Departments. He received the following awards for his scientific activity: UNIDO Award 2015 "Innovative ideas and technologies for agribusiness". Project title: "Enhancement of prickly pear fruits for eco-sustainable and quality production" and Award for innovative food technologists projects. Project title "EcoPAF": Eco-sustainable cold peeling. Since November 2022 he has been a member of the Third Mission commission of Di3A and since 2019 he has been a member of the technical committee of Start Cup Catania.

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Use of enzymes in the food sector; Unitary operations and application of enzymatic technologies in food processes and for the valorisation of waste products from the agri-food industry; Study of food formulations and functional foods through the characterization of bioactive compounds.