Giuseppe Muratore

Associate Professor of Food science and technology [AGR/15]
Office: Sezione Tecnologie Alimentari, Via S. Sofia, 100 - 1° piano, n. 4
Phone: 095 7580210
Web Site:
Office Hours: Tuesday from 10:00 to 12:00 | Friday from 10:00 to 13:00

Updated on 20 July.2020

Prof. Giuseppe Muratore achieved the degree in Agricultural Science 110/110 cum laude in 1990 at the University of Catania; since 2015 he is associate professor in 07/F1 “Food Science and Technology, in the AGR/15 sector – Food Science and Technologies, at the Department Di3A – Section of Food Technologies, University of Catania. Since the academic year 1997/98 he has carried out an intense teaching activity; at present he is teacher of “Food Packaging” in the master degree course in Food Science and Technology (LM70) and “Process and Sensory Evaluation of Food” in the degree course in Food Science and Technology (L26). Has tutored numerous thesis and apprenticeships, moreover he covers some institutional academic roles. From 2016 to 2020 he is the President of the Council for the Food Science and Technology course (L26).

He has made agreements with some universities of Brazil and he has tutored stages of visiting professor and foreign students at the Di3A. He is in charge for the agreements with the macro-area “Latin America”. He received the Scientific Productivity Award “Food Packaging Research –GSICA awards” on 24/06/2005.

He is a member of Collegio docenti of International postgraduates PhD course in “Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science”.

He is a member of several associations:

  1.       Professional Order of Agronomy and Forestry Doctors of Catania;
  2.       Italian Scientific Group of Food Packaging (GSICA), where he is a member of the Board of Directors;
  3.       Italian Society of Food Science and Technology (SISTAL);
  4.       Italian Enotechnical Enologists Association (AEEI);
  5.       National Organization of Wine Tasters (ONAV).


His professional skills and scientific research activities cover different areas of food technology with particular reference to food processing, packaging systems and their influence on the quality of food products

His research activity has produced more than 200 publications on qualified national and international journals and on congress proceedings. He is a referee for various international scientific journals.

Results of VQR 2004-2010:3 on 3

Results of VQR 2011-2014:2 on 2

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The main research areas of Prof.. Muratore are summarized hereafter:

  • Study and extension of the shelf life of food products through the design of suitable packaging systems;
  • Optimization of packaging systems for fresh-cut fruit;
  • Study of the interactions between food and packaging materials, with special regards for the study of sorption mechanisms of aroma compounds by plastic films;
  • Study of processing in the food industry and their influence on the quality of food products;
  • Determination of nutritional and chemical-physical characteristics of foods.