Academic Year 2018/2019 - 1° Year
Teaching Staff: Giuseppe Muratore
Credit Value: 6
Taught classes: 35 hours
Exercise: 14 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

To supply knowledge necessary to connect the elements acquired in other courses of different areas with the specific matters of packaging and distribution of food products; to develop the ability to undertake, and/or direct, conscious and effective decisions concerning food packaging.

Course Structure

Lectures, progress tests, tutorials and guided visits

Detailed Course Content

Definitions, statistics and modern tendencies. Outlines on materials science. Diffusional properties. Packaging materials: chemical structure, production techniques, characteristics, uses and disposal for glass, stainless and coated steels, aluminium, cellulosic materials and plastic polymers. Rigid and flexible packaging. Packaging technologies. Shelf life.

Textbook Information

  1. Food Packaging – Materiali, Tecnologie e qualità degli alimenti. L. Piergiovanni, S. Limbo, Springer, Milano (ISBN 978-88-470-1456-5);
  2. Imballaggio e confezionamento dei prodotti alimentari – Teoria e casi pratici. Gordon L. Robertson. – Edagricole (ISBN 978-88-506-5237-2);
  3. Packaging Technology – Fondamenti di tecnologia dell’imballaggio. W. Soroka, Istituto Italiano Imballaggio srl, Milano.