Elisabetta Nicolosi

Researcher of Arboriculture and Fruitculture [AGR/03]
Office: Via Valdisavoia,5 - 1° piano
Email: enicolo@unict.it
Phone: 095 4783407
Fax: 095 4783406
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 to 12:00

Elisabetta Nicolosi was born in Catania on February 4 1968, she is married and has 3 children. She received in April 1993 the first degree in Agricultural Sciences with votes 110/110 cum laude at the University of Catania; in the same year she achieved the certification of Agronomist. In 1994/95, winning a scholarship to study abroad, she attended for six months the Citrus Research and Education Center in Lake Alfred, Florida, doing research on molecular markers linked to the CTV resistance in citrus. In 1998 she received the title of Ph Doctor in “Plant production”. In 1999/2000 she won a two-year research grant entitled "Biotechnology applied to tropical and subtropical species". Since 2001 she is a Researcher of “Arboricoltura generale e Coltivazioni arboree” at Di3A of Catania University.

Since 1998 by now she held several university courses: Arboricoltura generale, Coltivazioni arboree, Biologia e Fisiologia delle piante arboree, Assestamento forestale, Tecnologie del legno, Genetica agraria, Assestamento forestale e selvicoltura, Fondamenti e Didattica di Coltivazioni arboree, Produzione e qualità del materiale di propagazione frutticolo, Sistemi arborei multifunzionali, Arboricoltura speciale, Arboricoltura e Selvicoltura.

She participated in numerous scientific projects and she has participated in several national and international conferences; her scientific activity is documented by a number of paper published onto referred journals and proceedings.

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Dr. Elisabetta Nicolosi is involved in researches concerning: breeding of fruit trees by traditional and biotechnology methods and management of cultural practices in orchards. In particular, she carried out researches on: in vitro selection and regeneration of somatic hybrids; genetic characterization of different citrus species and cultivars using different molecular markers; genetic transformation of different citrus species; recovery, conservation and enhancement of native and ancient citrus germplasm; recovery and characterization of fruit germplasm in the Etna district with particular attention to the hazelnut; assessment of the shelf-life of table grapes produced in Sicily subject to packaging and cold storage; innovative viticultural practice for regulating yield components and improving grape quality.