Alessandro Tribulato

Assistant Professor of Vegetable and ornamental crops [AGR/04]
Office: Via Valdisavoia,5 - 1° piano
Phone: 095 4783328
Fax: 095 4783329
Office Hours: Tuesday from 10:00 to 11:00 | Thursday from 10:00 to 12:00


In 1985, graduated at scientific high school and began university studies at the Faculty of Agriculture of Catania University  where in 1992 graduated cum laude and thesis rewarded by IRFIS (Mediocredito per la Sicilia S.p.A.) and Consorzio Catania Ricerca.
In 1992 worked as trainee at Jaques Marrionnet GFA (Soing-en-Sologne, FR) on plant tissue culture and greenhouse acclimatization of asparagus, strawberry, artichoke and date palms.
From 1994 to 1997 worked as research fellow at the Centre for Plant  Breeding and Reproduction Research (CPRO-DLO) in Wageningen (NL) on applied biotechnologies to propagation and breeding of flower bulbs, focusing on somatic embryogenesis and genetic transformation of lilies.
In 1997 began a PhD in “Crop productivity” curriculum “biology of Mediterranean species” at the  Faculty of Agriculture of Catania University. The thesis, titled “Agrobiotecnologie innovative per il miglioramento dei Lilium”, was defended in 2001.
From 2000 to 2005 held a research grant on “ Applied product and process innovation to Mediterranean vegetable and flower industry”.
From March 2006, permanent position as researcher at University of Catania.
Teaching activities since 2002-2003: “Flower industry”, “Specialty vegetable and ornamental crops” and “Applied biotechnologies in vegetable and flower industry”

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•    Product and process innovation in vegetable and flower industry
•    Propagation of vegetable and flower species
•    Genetic improvement of vegetable and flower species
•    Assessment of nutraceutical traits in vegetables
•    Biodiversity in vegetable industry