Stefania Fontanazza

Dottorando - XXXIV Ciclo Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science - Tutor: Cristina Abbate
Ufficio: Laboratorio agrochimico 1 in via Santa Sofia 98 piano semi interrato
Telefono: 095 7580230


  • 2019-2022: PhD course in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science, University of Catania. Research project: “Utilization of cover crops and biodegradable mulching for the sustainable management in a Mediterranean agro-ecosystem”. The aim of the PhD project is to gain new scientific knowledges in order to define innovative agronomical tactics (practices) and strategies (models) for a sustainable management of polycultural systems, while maximizing the efficiency in the use of native resources (rainfall, solar radiation, phytonutrients), preserving soil chemical, physical and biological fertility, rebalancing the relationship among fruit trees, weeds, cover crops and arthropods community. The final goal is to significantly reduce both external inputs and cultivation costs, and to improve the quali-quantitative aspects of peaches production. The project, which involves a comparison among different types of soil management in a peach orchard (tilled and without vegetation; covered with weeds; covered with subterranean clover; biodegradable mulching), will analyze the production process from an agroecological point of view.
  • Jun 2018 : Certificate of qualification, to the activity of consultant art.8 paragraph 3 of the Legislative Decree 150/2012 Regional Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Mediterranean Fisheries, Gela (Italy)
  • Feb 2017: qualification as agronomist and forestry doctor (senior)

Order of Agricultural and Forest Doctors, Catania (Italy)

  • Dic 2016-Feb 2017: Training course of design 05/12/2016–03/02/2017 design for sustainability and organic system, Gaia education, Catania (Italia)
  • 2014-2016: Master’s Degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, University of Catania; supervisors: Giovanni Mauromicale and Prof.ssa Alessia Restuccia. Degree thesis: “Cover crops in the control of weeds in Mediterranean orchards ”.  Final mark: 110/110 e lode.
  • 2009-2014: Bechelor’s Degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, Univeristy of Catania; supervisor: Prof. Giovani Mauromicale. Degree thesis: “Agronomic aspects of the cover crop in the Mediterranean environment”. Final mark: 105/110.
  • 2009: High School diploma, Liceo Scientifico A.Volta, Caltanissetta


  • Alessia Restuccia, Stefania Fontanazza, Aurelio Scavo, Roberto G. Pesce, Giovanni Mauromicale. The effect of cover crop on weed seedbank in prunoideae orchards. 111° SBI, III International Plant Science Conference Roma September 2016  
  • Alessia Restuccia, Stefania Fontanazza, Aurelio Scavo, Cristina Abbate, Giovanni Mauromicale. Importance of cover crops for weed control in a sustainable mediterranean agroecosystem. 112° SBI congress 2017, IV international plant science conference (ipsc)Parma, September 2017
  • Cristina Abbate, Aurelio Scavo, Stefania Fontanazza, Alessia Restuccia, Giovanni Mauromicale. Effect of Cynara cardunculus allelopathic on soil weed seed bank and eubacterial communities. 10th European Conference on Pesticides and Related Organic Micropollutants in the Environment & 16th Symposium on Chemistry and Fate of Modern Pesticides joined to 10th MGPR International Symposium of Pesticides in Food and the Environment in Mediterranean Countries CONCERNS, CHALLENGES & POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS September 2018
  • C. Abbate, S. Fontanazza, A. Scavo, A. restuccia & G. Mauromicale. Analysis of the expression of the nifH e amoA genes in a Mediterranean peach orchard grassed with Trifolium subterraneum L. XXXVI National conference of the italian agricultural chemistry company, September 2018
  • S. Lombardo, A. Scavo, A. Restuccia, S. Fontanazza, C. Abbate, U. Anastasi, G. Pandino, A. Litrico, G. Mauromicale. Changes of Weed Seed Bank and Nitrogen Availability in Soil Subjected to Cover Cropping and Conventional Management in a Mediterranean Apricot Orchard. (2019) Italian Society of Agronomy, Proceedings of the XLVIII National Convention.
  • C. Abbate, S. Fontanazza, A. Scavo, S. Lombardo, A. Restuccia, G. Mauromicale. Trifolium subterraneum L.cover cropping as a sustainable management for mediterranean agro-ecosystem. (2019) First joint meeting on soil and plant system sciences, Ciheam Bari.