Alessandro Sacco

PhD Student - XXXIV Cycle Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science - Tutor: Giuseppe Cirelli
Office: Aquatec, Via Santa Sofia 98; piano terra – area Ingegneria agraria
Phone: 095 7147516


Master's degree, with honours (con lode), Sciences and technologies for the environment and territory.

Master in Data scientist and big data Analysis passed with a merit.

PhD in Agricultural, Food and Environmental science.


Research Fellow - CSEI (Study Center of Economics applied to Engineering) Catania.

Worked on a ministerial program in research and development projects in the agro-industrial sector (Sicily). Application, evaluations and, the study of the performance of natural systems in citrus wastewater treatment.

benefit/cost analysis and economic-energy evaluation; lab analysis and data processing activities;

Postgraduate internship - (INGV) National Institute of Geophysical and Volcanology - Research and development of new projects and technologies in environmental monitoring, safety and territory. 

Project title: “Design and construction of an electronic model of detection of certain natural gases, control of breathing thresholds, monitoring campaign and implementation of protection measures”.

Published on INGV-technical reports;

Researcher   - Institut National de Recherche pour l'Agriculture, l'Alimentation et l'Environnement" - INRAE Lyon (Francia) Research engineer - my researches focus on modelling/imaging wastewater treatment processes occurring in porous media with a particular emphasis on treatment wetlands. I have a bit of experience in both deterministic and statistical modelling and have been involved in implementing new features to the existing models.



The research activities are mainly focused on the following topic:

  • Natural wastewater treatment
  • Natural-based solution for water pollution control
  • Green infrastructures for sustainable water management
  • Water-saving & Water reuse 


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