Alessandro Sacco

Dottorando - XXXIV Ciclo Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science - Tutor: Giuseppe Cirelli
Ufficio: Aquatech, Via Santa Sofia 98; piano terra – area Ingegneria agraria
Telefono: 095 7147516

  • 2018-2021: PhD course in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science, University of Catania.

    Research projects: “Assessment of clogging in constructed wetlands system (CWs) by saturated hydraulic conductivity measurement”. The project aims to improve the design and management of the CW system, by developing an innovative methodology for the assessment of hydraulic behaviour and the level of clogging with subsequent implementation of specific guidelines.

  • Nov 2015-Dic 2017: Research associates, Centre of Studies of Economics applied to Engineering (CSEI – CATANIA) - supervisors: Prof. Salvatore Barbagallo and Prof. Giuseppe Cirelli.

    Worked on a ministerial program in research and development projects in the agro-industrial sector in the production areas of eastern Sicily. Application evaluations and performance of natural systems in the treatment of citrus wastewater (cWW); benefit / cost analysis and economic-energy evaluation; lab analysis and data processing activities.

  • Dic 2017-Lug 2018: Postgraduate Internship, National Geophysical and Volcanological Institute (INGV) - supervisor: Prof.ssa Claudia Arcidiacono and Ing Massimiliano Barone (Safety manager).

    Research program on: development of new technologies in environmental monitoring, safety and territory.
    Worked on the project: “design and construction of an electronic model of detection of certain natural gases and control of respirability thresholds with subsequent monitoring campaign and implementation of prevention and protection measures” (published on INGV technical reports).

  • 2016-2018: Master’s Degree in Sciences and technologies for the environment and the territory, University of Catania; supervisors Prof. Giuseppe Cirelli. Degree thesis: “Experimental survey for wastewater treatment citrus by a CW system”.  Final mark: 110/110 e Lode.

    Interests: wastewater reuse; water treatment; constructed wetland; lagoons; water quality.

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