Giuseppe Eros Massimino Cocuzza

Assistant Professor of General and applied entomology [AGR/11]

(Updated at 10.5.2024)

Degreed in Agricultural Science in November 1994; Researcher of Agricultural Entomology from February 2006 at the University of Catania – I.
Research activity belongs to general and applied Entomology.
1994: collaborator at the Entomology Institute of the Faculty of Agrarian Science of Catania, in a project concerns the use of indigenous Orius spp. aginst the western flower thrip, Frankliniella occidentalis.
1995: specialization course in biological pest management at the laboratory of Agrozoology – Faculty of Agricultural and Applied Biological Science, University of Gent (Belgium).
1997-1999: Ph D in Entomology at the Department of Entomology and Zoology, University of Catania (Italy). Part of the study was spent in Rome (Dept of molecular genetics of the University “La Sapienza”).
12-23 June 2000: Assignee for a Education Grant by AIPP (Italian Association of Plant Protection).
2000: Researcher scientist in Entomology at the Department of Science and Phytosanitary Technologies – Entomology Institute, University of Catania.

Permanent researcher since 1.2.2006 at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Organizing member of the 19th Italian National Entomology Congress held in Catania in June 2002.
Winner in 2002 of a scholarship from the University of Catania to be used for scientific updating at foreign scientific facilities.
Participation in various National research projects (PRIN) including the study and control of food insects, investigations on the "tristeza of citrus - CTV" virus and its spread in southern Italy, studies on the genome of insects.

2002: Stage (two months) to the Centro de Investigation y Desarrollo Agroalimentario, La Alberca, Murcia, Spain, to improve the knowledge on molecular genetics applied to the insects.
Researcher of General and Applied Entomology, from Jan. 2006 at University of Catania-I.

On 21 November 2023, he was awarded the national scientific qualification for the role of professor of the second rank
From 2006-2012 dr. Massimino Cocuzza held University courses at the Faculty of Agrarian Science of the University of Catania on “Agrarian Parassitology” (from 2006 to 2011), General Zoology (from 2006 to 2010), Protection methods of Tropical and Subtropical Culture” (from 2006 to 2009), “Entomological Biotechnologies” (from 2011 to 2022).
Organizer and member of the 19th Italian Congress of Entomology, held in Catania, 2002; Organizer and member of the 37th Italian Congress of Biogeography, held in Catania, 2008;  Organizer and member of the 8th International Symposium on Aphids, held in Catania, 2009.

Participant or manager of WG in various national research projects (PRIN) including the study and control of food insects, investigations on the "citrus sadness" virus and its spread in southern Italy, studies on the insect genome , PON Water4Food project (2020-24), PON POFACS project (2015-20), Italy-Tunisia INTEMAR (2014-20), University Incentive Plan, PIACERI (2020-22) and Internationals as Life for Citrus (LIFE 2020) and Virtigation (H2020).

Responsible for an operative unit of the project "Innovative methodologies for the fight against the CTV". Regional Department of Agricultural and Food Resources - Sicilian Region. 2011-2013 

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  • Molecular systematics of aphids (Homoptera, Aphididae)
  • Molecular Biotechnology applied to insects
  • Psyllids, Aphids and Aleyrodids of feared risk of introduction in Italy
  • Control strategies of disease vector of Citrus
  • Citrus entomofauna and control methods of potentially damaging organisms