Anna De Angelis

Researcher of Animal nutrition and feeding [AGR/18]
Office: Via Valdisavoia,5
Phone: 095 4783341
Mobile: 3492945730
Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 09:30 to 13:30

In the 17-12-1984 achieves the bachelor in Agrarian Sciences, in the Faculty of Agrarian University of Catania, with 110/110 cum laude, discussing the thesis titled it “Linoleic acid and cholesterol content in eggs of hen fed with diets integrated with vegetables oils”, reporter the Prof. A. LANZA, co-reporter Prof. G.D' URSO.

In the exams session of the 1984/85 academic year, achieves, in the same Faculty of Agrarian, the qualification of Agronomist.

In the 09-06-1992 achieves the title of Doctor of Search in Sciences and Technologies of Animal Productions of the Difficult Areas, discussing the thesis titled “Theory and Methodology of the Associative Effects in Ruminant Diets: experimental verification with Sardinian lambs”, than, revised and integrated appropriately, it has been published. With deliberation of the Council of the Faculty of Agrarian of University of Catania, in the 09-11-1991, achieves the acknowledgment of cultore of the disciplines afferent to zootechnical area and to the course of bachelor of Agrarian Sciences, Alimentary Sciences and Technologies, Tropical Sciences and in university diplomas of Animal Productions.

With D.R n° 6018/R of the 26/11/1996, art.15 L. n° 341/1990, is set in scientific-disciplinary field G09B - Nutrition and Animal Feeding - (actually AGR/18).

She is:

  • co-author and author of 52 scientific works
  • member of the teachers College of the Doctorate of Search in “Sciences of Animal Productions”
  • member of the Scientific Association of Animal Productions (A.S.P.A.)
  • responsible (2011-2014) of the Section of the Animal Productions Sciences of the Department of Agronomical, Agrochemical and Animal Productions Sciences (D.I.S.P.A.)

From 2011 delegated for CInAP

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Rationing manual, Digestibility, Animal nutrition, Animal feeding beaviour, Nutrigenomics