Educational Aims

The course provides basic and advanced knowledges, related to planning, formulation, transformation and preservation of food. In addition, an adequate proficiency in English will be guarantee.

The aim of the degree course is the training of graduates able to:
  • have a complete view of the activities and issues related to food preparation, catering and food distribution;
  • have a solid technical-scientific background;
  • manage the most innovative technologies for catering protecting traditional products;
  • improve nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of food assuring the safety of both plant-derived and animal-derived foods of the Mediterranean area;
  • manage catering and food distribution;
  • manage production, sale and administration of food and beverages, assuring the safety of the products and managing the activities related to restaurants, hotels and catering services;
  • extensively know both cultural aspects and identity of the traditional Mediterranean gastronomy.