Martino Musati

Dottorato in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science - XXXVII Ciclo
Tutor: Giuseppe Luciano


12/2021-12/2024: PhD Course in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science, University of Catania. PhD title: “Towards a “0 mile” diet for ruminant feeding. A strategy to underpin sustainability, circularity and resilience in livestock system at local level and to mitigate the impact of feedstuffs transport, waste disposal, feeding costs and feed-to-food competition, while improving product quality.” Supervisor: Prof. Giuseppe Luciano.

07/2020: Habilitation for freelance agronomist activity at University of Turin.

11/2019: Master’s degree in Agricultural Science at the University of Turin (109/110).  Thesis title: “Impact of roughage feeding strategies on productive, reproductive and health traits in heifers and cows”, supervisors: Dr. Renna Manuela and Dr. Coppa Mauro. Work of thesis on European project ProYoungStock at INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment) of Clermont Ferrand (France).

04/2017: Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science and Technologies at the University of Turin (97/110). Thesis title: “Lichens and pesticides: studies and possible implementations”, supervisor: Dr. Isocrono Deborah.

2008-2013: High school diploma at Liceo Scientifico “G. Ferrari”, Borgosesia (VC).


Work experience

02/2021-06/2021: Laboratory technician at INRAE Clermont Ferrand (France) for the European project SmartCow. Prediction of methane emissions with infrared milk and manure analysis in cow. Supervisor: Dr. Martin Cécile.

11/2018-04/2019: Internship at INRA, Clermont Ferrand (France) with research team UMRH (Unité Mixte de Recherches sur les Herbivores) for drawing up the thesis financed by European project ProYoungStock.  Investigation of the long-term benefits produced by pasture rearing systems and non-silage feeding on the career of the dairy heifers. Supervisor: Dr. Martin Bruno.

06/2018-10/2018: Internship with Dr. Forestale Andreo Valentina, Turin (Italy). Office and field activities on the management of mountain pastures and control for respecting cross-compliances in Piedmontese livestock farms.

02/2017-08/2021: Assistant of Dr. Forestale Andreo Valentina and Dr. Forestale Coppa Mauro, Turin (Italy). Office and field activities on the management of mountain pastures.

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