Giorgio Gusella

Dottorando - XXXIV Ciclo Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science - Tutor: Giancarlo Polizzi
Ufficio: Laboratorio Fitoiatria n°107, Via Santa Sofia 100; Stanza n°322, Secondo piano, Via Santa Sofia 100

  • 30/10/2018-2021 PhD course in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science, University of Catania. Research project: Characterization of new fungal diseases of Pistachio in Sicily and development of  sustainable management strategies. Objectives: 1) Study the morphological and molecular characterization of fungal isolates associated from branch and twig cankers, discolorations, and blight and from foliar and fruit lesions and blights; 2) Determine pathogenicity of the most commonly isolated putative pathogens, distribution and aggressiveness comparison; 3) To evaluate sensitivity of recovered pathogens to multiple fungicides, approved biological control agents, and Systemic Acquired Resistance inducers in vitro and in vivo tests
  •  20/12/2016–22/06/2017 Study Abroad Program at Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center, UC Davis, California. 9240 South Riverbend Avenue Parlier, CA 93648 Phone: (559) 646-6500 FAX: (559) 646-6593, Parlier (United States). Supervisor: Dr. Themis Michailides (  Research activities: Master Thesis project in Plant Pathology; tests of interaction of fungal plant pathogens and Xylella fastidiosa subspecies; samples diagnosis; Botryosphaeria spp. Monitoring; Field inoculations and chemical treatments; Fungicide resistance analysis.
  • 11/2015–03/2018            International join Master Degree in Plant Medicine    

Dept. Of Soil, Plant and Food Sciences of the University of Bari "Aldo Moro"Via G. Amendola 165/a, 70126 Bari (Italy).

Master thesis concerning "Putative interactions between Xylella fastidiosa subspecies and fungi associated with olive dieback" with professor Franco Nigro ( and professor Themis J Michailides ( Cooperative effort between the University of Bari and Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center (KARE), University of California Davis in the frame of the “Global Thesis” project by University of Bari.

  • 26/10/2015            Bachelor Degree in Forestry Sciences            Department of Agricultural and Forest Science-University of Palermo- Viale delle Scienze, Ed.4, 90128, Palermo (Italy).

Bachelor thesis titled "Holy woods in Sicily" with associate professor Tommaso La Mantia (

  • 2012  Classical High School Graduation        

Liceo Classico Statale "Umberto I", via Parlatore Filippo, 24, 90145, Palermo

  • Aiello, D., Gulisano, S., Gusella, G., Polizzi, G., & Guarnaccia, V. (2018). First report of fruit blight caused by Arthrinium xenocordella on Pistacia vera in Italy. Plant disease102(9), 1853.
  • Poster Abstract for: 4th Annual UC Davis Postdoctoral Research Symposium
    Title: Anthracnose disease, a new challenge for California pistachio
  • Abstract for: International Congress of Plant Pathology (ICPP) 2018: Plant Health in A Global Economy.
    Title: Sensitivity to eight fungicide chemical groups of Colletotrichum fioriniae, the cause of anthracnose of pistachio in California