Rosa La Rosa

Full Professor of Plant pathology [AGR/12]
Office: Via S. Sofia, 100 - 2° piano, n.309
Phone: 095 7147354
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday from 15:00 to 16:00

Catania 02/11/2020

Rosa La Rosa is Full Professor of Plant Pathology (ssd AGR/12) at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Di3A), University of Catania. She has carried out researches mainly on phytopathological diagnosis of fungi, prokariotes (bacteria and phytoplasmas), viruses and virus-like diseases of plants, particularly on molecular diagnostic techniques to identify and to molecularly characterize phytopathological agents. She oriented her researches also to post-harvest plant pathology, particularly to mycotoxigenic fungi identification and characterization on different vegetable products, food and environmental hygiene in agrifood industries. She has been scientific responsible of international/national research projects (CNR-Italy/USA, CNR-Italy/CONICIT Venezuela, integrated actions Italy-Spain, CNR, MURST, MIUR, MiPAF), responsible of an agreement between the Universidad Catolica Agropecuaria de Esteli, Nicacagua and the University of Catania (2008-2013), scientific responsible of projects and agreement between Sicily Region and Catania University.

She has been delegated at MIUR of a Gruppo di Interesse Territoriale of south Italy regions, President of the Scientific Committee for Agricultural Sciences and  responsible of the Plant Pathology section of the Di3A Dept.. She has been plant pathology teacher in the academic course of degree in Agricultural Sciences and Food Sciences and Technologies and in national and international PhD courses; actually she’s teacher on “Post-harvest plant pathology of vegetable products” in the course of degree on Food Sciences and Technologies and on "Applied plant virology" in the course of  Master degree on Agricultural Sciences and Technologies. She has been also Director of an International Master at Scuola Superiore di Catania on “Biotecnologie per la difesa sostenibile delle colture e delle produzioni agro-alimentari”. She collaborated with many national and international scientific institutions; she’s member of many scientific national an international societies (SIPaV, IOCV, MPU, SVF); her research activity is documented in n. 177 scientific papers on national and international Journals/Congresses.  

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  • Phytopathological diagnosis of fungi, prokariotes (bacteria, phytoplasmas), viruses and virus-like (viroids) diseases of plants
  • Focus on molecular diagnostic techniques to identify and molecularly characterize phytopathological agents
  • Mycotoxigenic fungi identification and characterization on different vegetable products
  • Food and environmental hygiene (environmental monitoring to detect microbial/phytopathological flora) in agrifood industries