Nunziatina Russo

Research Fellow
Scientific Tutor: Cinzia Caggia

The research activities are focused on:

  • Microbiome study of innovative products of animal origin, obtained from the feed use of residual biomasses from the olive sector.
  • Study of the shelf-life of animal products.
  • Qualitative assessment of treated wastewater.
  • Validation of the agro-industrial by-products integration in innovative feeds, through the evaluation of the quality of food of animal origin.
  • Study of microbial dynamism and selection of strains of biotechnological interest in and from different food matrices.
  • Evaluation of the microbiological profile of dairy products at different stages of production: study of the composition, microbial dynamism and in their influence on volatile compounds production.
  • Development of starter and probiotic cultures for innovative and/or functional foods formulation, and study of the biotechnological and functional implications of lactic acid bacteria involved in fermentation processes.
  • Study of antibiotic resistance of pathogenic and non-pathogenic strains from different origin and application of official methods in the evaluation of the genetic basis involved in the spread of the same.
  • Use of microorganisms for the control of pathogens and/or alterants in food.
  • Application of molecular methods for the study and genetic characterization of microorganisms of different genera and their clonal relationships, through fingerprinting techniques.
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