Delia Ventura

Research Fellow - Responsabile scientifico: Giuseppe Cirelli
Office: Via S. Sofia 100 Catania 95123 - edificio B, primo piano
Phone: (+39) 095 7147546
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Current position

Research fellow at the Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science (Di3A), University of Catania, Italy, within project INCIPIT “INtegrated Computer modeling and monitoring for Irrigation Planning in ITaly”, PRIN 2017 (2019 – 2022).

Academic background

  • Ph.D. in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science, at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Di3A), University of Catania, Italy (27 February 2020) - JPI Waterworks 2014 WATinTECH project - "Smart Decentralized Water Management through a dynamic integration of technologies". Research topic: “Constructed wetlands as reliable decentralized systems for wastewater treatment and reuse in the Mediterranean area: main issues and concerns”. During the Ph.D course, I performed a research internship at the University of Barcelona (UB), Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Science, Departement of Biology, Health and Environment under the supervision of prof. Miquel Salgot and Prof. Montserrat Folch Sanchez.
  • International Master in Water and Coastal Management (WACOMA), Erasmus Mundus Programme UNESCO, at the University of Cadiz (Spain), Cei·Mar - International Campus of Excellence in Marine Science.Thesis: “The effects of mixing on productivity and nutrient consumption kinetics in a small-scale photobioreactor” (May 2016).
  • Master degree in Environmental Assessment and Management , Class in Environmental and Land Sciences at the Department of Environmental Sciences of the University of Bologna (venue of Ravenna), Italy (May 2016). Final graduation mark: 110/110 cum laude.
  • Bachelor degree in Marine Biology and Ecology at the Department of Biological and Envinronmental Sciences, University of Messina, Italy (December 2012).Thesis: "Acclimatization and observation experiences on feeding and growth rate in tropical benthic sharks (Chiloscyllium punctatum, Chiloscyllium griseum e Atelomycterus marmoratus)".

- Nature-Based Solutions adoption for promoting decentralized water management approach, water saving policies, landscape e soil conservation and maintenance of natural hydrological cycle; Constructed Wetlands (CWs) application and management (laboratory, pilot and real scale): analysis and monitoring of wastewater, soil and biomass (edible crops, macrophytes and microalgae) quality.

- Recovery and treatment of unconventional water source (domestic, urban, industrial wastewater and stormwater runoff) and reclaimed water use in agriculture. Recovery of water, by-products, organic matter and nutrients for circular economy promotion and closed cycle-based production chains adoption.

- Analysis and monitoring of CWs hydraulic functioning profile; innovation and integration of hydraulic monitoring techniques for CWs treatment process optimization for clogging control and minimization.

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