Marco Finocchiaro

PhD Student - XXXV Cycle - Tutor: Cinzia Caggia
Office: via Santa Sofia 98 - Lab. Microbiologia degli alimenti - Area ChiMiTec

2019 – 2022: PhD course in Biotechnology, University of Catania.

2016 – 2017: Garibaldi hospital of Catania - Clinical pathology department

2010 – 2015: Specialization in Clinical Biochemistry, University of Catania. Thesis title: “Effects of copper and zinc transition metals in thyroid and prostate cancers”

2008 – 2009: Internship in CABIMER - Nutrition and Diabetes, Spain

2005 – 2008: Department of Biomedical Sciences - Andrology and Endocrinology of Human Reproduction

2000 – 2015: Licentiate degree in Biology, University of Catania. Thesis title: “Ultrastructural observations of fish liver”

1995 – 2000: Scientific high school diploma P.N.I.

Last update :06/05/2020

Probiotic’s for human health

The recent explosion in human microbiome research has sparked interest in its role in the preservation and extension of health and in the contribution of human microbiome to chronic systemic inflammation and associated "Western life-style" diseases. In this contest, probiotics may provide a dietary approach to support health, improving the gut microbiota function.

The project addresses to characterize commercial and wild lactic acid bacteria (LAB) from different sources, such as fermented food and human environments, in order to select strains to be used as potential novel therapies to reconstitute healthy bacterial communities in treatment of disorders in least investigated human environments.

Asero P., Finocchiaro M., La Vignera S., Rappazzo G., D’Agata R., Vicari E., Calogero A.E. Von Hippel Lindau Binding Protein 1 (VBP1), a new possible gene related to azoospermia. Conference S.I.F.R.  2007.

Salemi M., Finocchiaro M., Calogero A.E., Asero P., Castiglione R., Lanzafame M., Rappazzo G., D’Agata R., Vicari E. Expression of SpanX proteins in normal and neoplastic tissues. CNIO (Centro Nacional de investigacion oncologicas‎ - Madrid, Spain‎, 2008.