Giulio Dimaria

PhD Student - XXXV Cycle - Tutor: Vittoria Catara
Office: II piano, stanza 323, Via Santa Sofia 100
Phone: 0957147354

2019-2022: PhD course in Biotechnology (35th Cycle), University of Catania. Research project: “The Pseudomonas fluorescens group, a resource for plant pathogens control”. Tutor: Prof.ssa Vittoria Catara.

September 2021: “YOUNG RESEARCHERS IN TRAINING AWARD” - Italian Phytopathological Society (SIPaV). Selected for poster presentation with the contribute “Plenodomus tracheiphilus colonization in Citrus aurantium and effect on the microbiome”. Verona, 15-17 September 2021.

2021: Training of four months as visiting PhD student at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) of Trieste. Research activity: Construction of P. corrugata knock-out mutants for functional genomic analysis of genes putatively involved in the biosynthesis of antimicrobial compounds and mutational phenotype analysis.

2017 - 2019: Master’s Degree in Agricultural Biotechnology, Department of Agriculture food and Environment, University of Catania. Tutors: Prof.ssa Vittoria Catara (Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment) and Prof.  Jesús Murillo (Universidad Pública de Navarra). Degree thesis: Comparative genomics of plasmids from Pseudomonas syringae lato sensu". Final mark: 110/110 cum laude.

03/2019-06/2019: Erasmus+ Study programme at the Institute for Muldisciplinary Applied Biology (Universidad Pública de Navarra) focused on the characterization with bioinformatic tools of a native plasmid population of the phytopathogenic bacterium P. syringae sensu lato. The ability of autonomous replication of three putative replicons was assessed.

2013-2017: Bachelor degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technology, University of Catania. Supervisor: Prof. Alberto Continella. Degree thesis: La coltivazione del mango in Sicilia: aspetti agronomici e colturali ". Final mark: 110/110 cum laude.

2006-2011: High school diploma, Liceo Classico  G.B. VICO - UMBERTO I - R. GAGLIARDI, Ragusa (RG).

Dimaria, G., Mosca, A., Anzalone, A., Paradiso, G., Pulvirenti, A., Russo, M., Catara, V. (2021). “Plenodomus tracheiphilus colonization in Citrus aurantium and effect on the microbiome”, XXVI SIPaV Congress, Book of abstract, 20, 15-17 September 2021.

Dimaria, G., Musumeci, S., Modica, F., Venticinque, G., Bazzano, M.C., Russo, M., Catara, V. (2021). “In silico and in vitro screening of the potential for biocontrol of bacteria of the Pseudomonas corrugata subgroup”, XXVI SIPaV Congress, Book of abstract, 19, 15-17 September 2021.

Russo, M., Scuderi, G., Bazzano, M.C., Leocata, S., Catara, A., Dimaria, G., Mosca, A., Catara, V. (2021). “Survey on the persistence of Plenodomus tracheiphilus inoculum in lemon groves during summer”, XXVI SIPaV Congress, Book of abstract, 49, 15-17 September 2021.

Anzalone, A., Dimaria, G., Mosca, A., Musumeci, S., Privitera, G., Pulvirenti, A., Cirvilleri, G., Catara, V. (2021). “Biological control of tomato bacterial diseases by Bacillus sp. and Pseudomonas sp. isolated from tomato endorhizosphere”, 4th Annual Conference of the EuroXanth COST Action, Book of abstract, 84, 28-30 June 2021.

Anzalone, A., Di Guardo, M., Bella, P., Ghadamgahi, F., Dimaria, G., Zago, R., Cirvilleri, G., & Catara, V. (2021). Bioprospecting of Beneficial Bacteria Traits Associated With Tomato Root in Greenhouse Environment Reveals That Sampling Sites Impact More Than the Root Compartment. Frontiers in plant science12, 637582.

Urriza, M., Dimaria, G., Añorga, M., Catara, V., Murillo, J. (2021). “Genómica comparativa de plásmidos nativos de bacterias fitopatógenas”, IX Reunión del grupo Microbiología de Plantas-SEM, Libro de resúmenes, 39, 16-17 February 2021.