Claudio Bellia

Associate Professor of Agricultural economics and rural appraisal [AGR/01]



Claudio Bellia (fiscal code: BLLCLD75D15B202A), born in Bronte on 15 April 1975, residing on street Via Giuffrida Vincenzo, n° 174,Catania. Nationality - Italian.
Mandatory military service has been completed.
Mobile phone. 095/7580336

Since January 2022, he has been Associate Professor for SSD AGR01 "Economia ed Estimo Rurale" at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Di3A) of the University of Catania;

-Professor and reference lecturer of Economics of the Agri-food Industry, Bachelor of Science - in Food Science and Technology (L26);
- Professor for the course Strategies of valorization agrofood quality, Course of bachelor in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, University of Catania, 6 CFU (education credits)

- Professor for the course Enterprise Economy, Course of bachelor in Food science and technology, University of Catania, 6 CFU (education credits)

- Professor for the course Economics of biotechnology, Course of bachelor in Agricultural Biotechnology, University of Catania, 8 CFU (education credits)

- Professor for the course International trade of food products, (4 CFU (education credits) – Two-year programme), in the Specialized degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies Tropical and Subtropical, at the Faculty of Agriculture, the seat of Ragusa, of the University of Catania.

- Professor for the course Foundations of economy of the market for agricultural products and agricultural policy, in the degree programme, of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Catania.

- Professor on a contract basis for the course Business Marketing and Management (4 CFU (education credits) – Three-year programme), in the “Herbal Sciences” degree programme, of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Catania.

- Since January 2005, in the role of junior researcher, head of the Research Project: “The impact of the PAC reform in the main productive departments in Sicily”; assistant in the research project “A technical-economic analysis of sheep and goat farms in Sicily”, assistant in the research project “The wholesale food and agricultural markets in Sicily: structural, economic and organizational aspects”, through the Regional Consortium for Applied Research and Experimentation (Coreras), Palermo.
- rewarded with the title “Field Expert” of “AGR/O1 – Rural economics and assessment”, from the Faculty of Agriculture, with the minutes of the Faculty Board meeting no. 6 of 30 April 2004;

- participated in an international study convention promoted by the “International Food and Agribusiness Management Association” (IAMA), in June 2003. Together with Professor Filadelfio Basile, prepared a report entitled “Agricultural policy and the future constitution of the European Union”.

- February 2003 received the degree of Doctor in Agricultural Economic and Politics (XV Cycle) from Faculty of Economics at the University of Catania, with a thesis entitled “Sicilian agro-alimentary products on the Canadian market: an analysis of the demand and marketing initiatives”, with a final grade of summa cum laude.;

- in the academic year 2001–2002, completed Specialization Studies in Marketing Management and Agribusiness, through the M.B.A. programme organized by the Department of Agricultural Economics and Business, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada;

- in the academic year 2000–2001, received a Master in “Economics of the agro-alimentary system”, from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan with a thesis entitled “Investigation of the characteristics of the first buyers of milk of Sicily and its main typical cheeses”;
- in the academic years 2001–2006 participated in a series of seminars part of the “Jean Monnet Project”: “New scenarios of European integration and policies in rural areas”, organized by the Faculty of Agriculture (DISEAE) and Economics (Dept. of Economics and the Territory) of the University of Catania, for which the relevant certificates were awarded;
- in the academic year 1997–‘98 received a Degree in Economics and Business (four-year degree programme) from the University of Catania, Faculty of Economics, experimental thesis in Economics and business management entitled: “Technological innovations in the agricultural sector ”;
- at the Department of Economic-Agricultural and Assessment Department (DISEAE) in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Catania, acting as an outside collaborator, performed various scientific research activities on select themes of Economics and Agricultural Policies and, in the role of “field export”, was a supporting educator in certain subject areas of the scientific-disciplinary group AGR/01 (The Economics and management of the agro-industrial company, Management of the ago-alimentary company, Marketing of agro-alimentary products II, Agro-alimentary Economics);

- in the academic years 1999–2000/2002–2004 with a teaching post for Agricultural Economics and Policies (Prof. Placido Rapisarda), at the Economic and Territory Department at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Catania, on themes inherent to the marketing of agro-alimentary products, the computerization of agro-alimentary industries, etc.;
- since June 2004, acting as junior research, responsible for the Research Project: “Research update “marketing-orientated agro-alimentary businesses in Sicily”; assistant on the research “Research on businesses involved in rural tourism in Sicily”, assistant on the research project “Technical-economic analysis of the flower industry in Sicily”, at the Regional Consortium for Applied Research and Experimentation (Coreras), Palermo.

- in July 2004 called to give a series of lessons (50 hours) on the theme of “Agricultural Economics and policies”, for the 2nd Training Course for “Experts in the evaluation of damage in agriculture”, organized by the inter-provincial Consortium for the defence of intensive “Trinacria” crops, in the provinces of Catania and Enna, in collaboration with the Orientation and Training Centre (COF) of the University of Catania.

- in the academic year 2003–2004 taught Agricultural Economics and Economics of agricultural markets (integrated course) at the Faculty of Pharmacy – Degree Programme in Herbal Sciences , as a Professor on a contract basis.

- in May 2003 – called to give a series of lessons on the theme “The Elements of Commodity Economics”, for the 1st advanced training course of tax collection officials and tax operators, organised by the national tax consultants (A.N.CO.T).

The author of numerous national and international publications.

- proficient in both spoken and written English,
- satisfactory Spanish speaking skills.

- proficient in MS-DOS and Windows operating systems (Microsoft Word, Excel, Word perfect, Quattro-pro, Harvard Graphics, Micro-TSP, SPSS, Eviews).
- proficient INTERNET skills

The undersigned in aware that, in accordance with article 26 of law 1568, misleading declarations the falsification of acts or the use of false documents is punishable in accordance with criminal and special laws. Furthermore, the undersigned authorized the use of personal information as provisioned by Law no. 196/2003. 

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