Academic Year 2017/2018 - 3° Year - Curriculum VALORIZZAZIONE DEI PRODOTTI TIPICI
Teaching Staff: Claudio Bellia
Credit Value: 6
Taught classes: 40 hours
Exercise: 14 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

Develop knowledges on the economic aspects of quality in relation to the evolution of agrifood supply and agrifood systsem. The course also provides the background for understanding the main regulations related to quality and food safety.

Detailed Course Content

Quality definition. Historical evolution of quality. The role of quality in the agri-food sector. Evolution of the agri-food system. The quality in economic theory. The markets for differentiated products: consumers and producers behavior in the presence of information asymmetry. Food quality policies (european, national and regional). The certification of food products: mandatory and voluntary standards. Instruments for the protection and promotion of agri-food quality products.

Textbook Information

1. Belletti G., Marescotti A. La qualità nel sistema agro-alimentare, Dispense, Università di Firenze.

2. Belletti G., Marescotti A. 1996. Le nuove tendenze dei consumi”, in: Berni P., Begalli D. (a cura di), I prodotti agroalimentari di qualità: organizzazione del sistema delle imprese, Il Mulino, Bologna.

3. Gabriele Canali. 2010. Verso una politica Ue della qualità agroalimentare. Quali strumenti per la competitività?, Working paper.

4. Carbone A. I mercati dei prodotti agroalimentari di qualità, Dispense. Università della Tuscia

5. ISMEA. 2006. La qualità come strategia per l’agroalimentare italiano.