Salvatore Bordonaro

Associate Professor of Livestock systems, animal breeding and genetics [AGR/17]

Curriculum updated at 14/05/2024

1991/92 - Laurea Degree in Agricolture Science, University of Catania. In the same year gained the licence to practice as an agronomist.

1997 - PhD researcher in “Zootechnical Science” discussing the thesis entitled “Research on influencing factors regarding the ingestion of milk-sheep grazing in a semi-extensive system”.
2000 - Research fellow of one year at the Department of Agricultural, Agrochemical and Animal Production Science, faculty of Agricultural Science of Catania. Title of the project “Characterization of germplasm of local Sicilian breeds and herds of agricultural animals and evaluation of their biodiversity and of their dairy products”.
2001 - Full time Resercher in scientific section AGR/17 at the DACPA at the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Catania.
Following graduation participated in various courses post lauream in statistic methodology and in molecular biology.
2001-2014, Professor with a temporary appointment in "Animal Breeding and Genetics" at Agricultural Faculty of the University of Catania. He teachs "Animal breeding and Genetics" in "Agricultural Science and Technology" and in "Agricultural and Technology Science in the tropical and sub-tropical environment".
Competence in animal genetic resources: it is attested by the educational work and the research activities.
He takes part, as coordinator or partner, in national and international research projects. He is co-author of more than 94 scientific publications.
He is member of ASPA (Scientific Association of Animal Productions).
Since 1995, he carried out researches on biotechnologies applied to animal genetics, also through proteomic approach. Particularly, he studied the milk protein loci of bovine, goat and donkey species. He focused the interest on genetic characterization of animal breeds and populations, by means of microsatellite markers, with the aim of assessing the genetic variability and assisting the breeding selection. With the aim of evaluating genetic variability of animal resources she also used SnPs markers belonging to milk protein loci in goat and sheep. He characterized the milk protein fraction of non-bovine milks, such as goat and donkey milk, also by means of proteomic approach, in order to highlight the protein polymorphism, potentially associated with hypoallergenic properties. Recently, he gained experience in DNA sequencing of milk protein genes and mtDNA, with the aim of obtaining information on the origin of Sicilian horse breeds and populations.
He attended several national and international congresses.
He takes part, as coordinator or partner, in national and international research projects. He is member of ASPA (Scientific Association of Animal Productions).

Representative of the Department Di3A for orientation activities for the choice of university courses (2020)

Representative of the Department for the School Work Alternation Project of the University of Catania (2020)

Responsible for the Di3A Department of the POT SISSA project (2020)

Member of the Second Section Board of Discipline (D.R. n.1440 of 03/05/2017) of the University of Catania (2020)

Member of the research doctorate in Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Science

Member of the department Giunta

President of Experimental farm of  University of Catania (D.R. 3437, del 7/11/2919)

He is co-author of over 100 scientific publications.

He is a member of the Scientific Association of Animal Production (A.S.P.A.).

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Academic Year 2021/2022

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Academic Year 2015/2016

- Biodiversity surveys on autochthonous breeds, by genetic markers;
- Characterizatrion of the genetic variability in Ragusano and Pantesco donkey breeds, by using microsatellites markers;
- Exploitation of sheep and equine Sicilian resources
- Characterization of genetic variabilità in Sanfratellano horse breed, by genetic markers;
- Analysis of genetic structure in Oriental Purebred horse, by means of genetic markers, with aim of preserving and exploiting;
- Econogene European project "Sustainable conservation of animal genetic resources in marginal rural areas: integrating molecular genetics, socio-economics and geostatistical approaches".
- Characterization of milk protein fraction of Sicilian autochthonous donkey breeds and population;
- mtDNA characterization of the Sanfratellano horse breed.
- Characterization of the milk protein fraction in Sicilian autochthonous donkey breeds.
- Quantitative and qualitative survey on the milk protein fraction of donkey milk produced in Sicily by different breeds;
- Morphologic and genetic characterization of the autochthonous pig breed reared on Nebrodi mountain;
- Analysis on mtDNA variability of Sicilian horse breeds and populations;
- Characterization of casein loci loci in Rossa Mediterranea goat population;
- Genetic polymorphism analysis at MC1R locus in sicilian cattle breeds.
- Characterizatrion of the genetic variability “ Sicilian Horse” breed, by using microsatellites markers;
- Characterization of casein loci loci in Girgentana goat breed.

- REDSUS Project Regione regione Siciliana PSR 2014-2020 Misura 16.1. "Improvement of the profitability of the breeding of the Nebrodi Black Pig with investments in animals and products in compliance with animal welfare and environmental sustainability