Simona Consoli

Full Professor of Agricultural hydraulics and watershed protection [AGRI-04/A]

Graduated cum laude in Civil Engineering (Hydraulic) in 1998. Since 1998 she was involved in the research activities of the Department of Agricultural Engineering of the Agriculture Faculty in Catania. The main research topics are: water saving in agriculture, multi-purposes reservoir management, and urban wastewater reuse for agricultural purposes.

PhD in "Environmental Hydronomy" in 2003; researcher at the university of Catania in 2006; associate professor at the University of Catania, 2010; full professore in Hydraulics at the University of Catania, 2020.

GEV member for VQR 2011-14; PhD Coordinator of the international course "Agricultural engineering" of the University of Catania, period 2012-16. President of the degree course "Planning and protection of the territory and landscape", from 2016. She has the responsibility of several national and international research project. She published more than 100 scientific papers.

Present rank Full professor of Hydraulic - Agricultural Faculty of Catania

Degree 110/110 cum laude 1998, University of Catania - Civil Engineering (Hydraulic)

Highest degree PhD, 2003, University of Catania

Vice Director of the Departiment Agriculture, Food and Environment (Di3A) of the University of Catania, 2022-

Academic position and Activities 

  • Full Professor of Hydraulic since 2020 at the University of Catania ( Italy ).
  • Associate Professor of Hydraulic from 2010 to 2020 at the University of Catania ( Italy ). 
  • Researcher from 2006 to 2010 at the University of Catania ( Italy ).
  • Coordinator of the International PhD Course “Agricultural Emgineering” of the University of Catania, since 2012
  • April-June 1998 – Colorado State University
  • April 2004 - September 2004 - UC Davis Department of Land Air and Water Resources
  • 2006 Best Paper award – Journal of irrigation and drainage engineering
  • Member of IWA (International Water Association) since 2003
  • Member of AIIA (Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Agraria) since 2006
  • Member of AIAM (Associazione Italiana di Agrometeorologia) since 2011
  • Fiel editor (micrometeorology) for the Italian Journal of Agrometeorology
  • Associate editor for the Journal “Agricultural Water Management”, Elsevier, since 2016


Responsibility of National and International research projects: 

  • EU project “Operational adaptation Nexus-based systems solutions in Mediterranean” (DIONYSUS) - Prima section 1, WEFE NEXUS call
  • PRIN 2022 "Smart Technologies and Remote Sensing methods to support the sustainable Agriculture WAter Management of Mediterranean
    woody Crops (SWAM4Crops)" 2023-2026. Coordinatore Nazionale
  • PNRR Next Generation EU Project “Sicilian micro and nano technologies research and innovation center” SAMOTHRACE. Responsible of WP5 “Smart systems for precision agriculture” dello Spoke 1 “Innovation through microelectronics, microsystems and materials”. Responsible of the pillar “Precision agriculture” of Samothrace (2022-2024);
  • EU project “Handy tools for sustainable irrigation management in Mediterranean crops - HANDYWATER” –PRIMA Section 2 Multi-topic 609475 (2021-2024) responsabile per UNICT
  • Italia-Malta Research Project (2011-2013). “Potential pollution diffusion in groundwater resources”
  • PRIN (National Revelant Project” (2010-2012-2017). “Application of the integrated approach surface renewal-energy balance to evaluate evapotranspiration provesses”;
  • PON (Mational Operating Project) (2007-2013) “Biodegradable irrigation systems for wastewater reuse in agriculture” 
  • Regional project (2011-2012) “Sicilian soil characterization by using pedotransfer functions”.
  • ERANET- EC FP7 Project n° 609475 (2016-2019)
  • ERA-NET Cofound WaterWorks (2014) (Horizon 2020) (2016-2019)

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The main research topics are the following:

· Application of micrometeorological techniques and surface energy balance for the definition of crop evapotranspiration flows;

· Application of remote sensing techniques for the estimation of crop water needs and the evaluation of vegetation indices for the identification of water stress conditions;

· The reuse in agriculture of wastewater treated by extensive constructed wetland and lagoon systems;

· Models of water quality in storage reservoir and constructed wetlands systems;

· Application of deficit irrigation techniques.