Quality of Agro-Food Products

Academic Year 2016/2017 - 1° Year
Teaching Staff Credit Value: 12
Scientific field
  • AGR/04 - Vegetable and ornamental crops
  • AGR/19 - Animal science
Taught classes: 70 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives


    To provide students with elements of knowledge on the main Animal Origin Products, starting by their origin and the production systems they are obtained with. The aim is to provide critical information enabling the student to evaluate the product not only in terms of its inherent characteristics (technological parameters, sanitation, HACCP, etc.), but also of its origin, the production system (sustainable vs industrial), as well as its processing systems (traditional vs industrial). To provide elements of knowledge on the effects of production systems on the quality of products (nutritional properties, aroma and health benefits), on consumer health and the environment. To present the results from international research, on systems that can guarantee the food safety of products produced using traditional and environmentally sustainable systems. To propose promotion models of animal products, obtained with different production and processing systems, as well as the main results of research on consumer behavior related to the selection criteria of animal products in the stores.

Detailed Course Content


    • Introduction and knowledge of the students background.
    • Overview of the main animal products.
    • European regulations on animal products.
    • Analysis of the different farming systems (extensive vs. intensive).
    • Analysis of the different processing systems (traditional vs industrial).
    • The factors of bio-diversity characterizing the animal products: case study on dairy products.
    • Classification and knowledge of dairy products, meat and "life animals".
    • Quality of the main animal products obtained by traditional vs industrial systems.
    • Food safety of animal products produced using different production, processing and marketing systems.
    • Aroma compounds of animal products produced using different production and processing systems.
    • Animal life (milk and meat) as a product of animal origin, and introduction on the different breeding systems and technological innovations used for the improvement of these products.
    • System Traceability.
    • Models of valorisation of animal products, obtained with different production and processing systems.
    • Development perspectives for animal products.

Textbook Information

    1. Bittante G et al, 2006 /2013. Tecniche di produzione Animale. Liviana Editrice
    2. G.Licitra. 2006. I Formaggi Storici Siciliani (F.S.S.). Ed. CoRFiLaC
    3. G.Licitra 2006, Tradizione e Sicurezza Alimentare dei F.S.S . Ed. CoRFiLaC
    4. European Legislation on animal products
    5. Monographs on meat quality
    6. Scietific and dissemination publications interesting for the subject
    7. PDF presentations of lectures and notes from the Lecturer