Marcella Avondo

Full Professor of Animal nutrition and feeding [AGRI-09/B]

Graduate in Agricoltural Science at University of Catania, Doctor in "Animal Science and Tecnhology in Marginal Areas" at University of Bari, full professor in “Animal Feeding and Nutrition” she works at Di3A, University of Catania. From 2005 is the Coordinator of  the Doctoral School in Animal Production Science. Her teaching activity regards Applied Animal Science. Her main areas of research, that have been financially supported by different institutions (CNR, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of University, Regione Sicilia) are: characteristics of fermentation of ensiled forages and by-products; feeding technologies of ruminants; sheep and goats feeding behaviour; nutritional factors affecting milk quality in small ruminants; development of intake models for grazing sheep and goats; feeding behaviour in goats at different genetic aptitude to produce casein.

National coordinator of a PRIN research project (2007) entitled: "Genetic polymorphism of caseins in goats. Effects of feeding on milk production and quality, feed intake, metabolic and hormonal responses in goats at different genetic potential to produce casein". 

Scientific coordinator of research subtasks within 2 PON R&C 2007-2013

Scientific coordinator for the University of Catania of the Industrial Research Project, area of specialization "Agrifood   (PON “R&I” 2014-2020) "NOVASELPROV - InNOVAzioni in OVine dairy production in Sicily and Sardinia".

Scientific coordinator  for the University of Catania  of the task 3.5.1 (Spoke 5 Agritech PNRR) from 2022.

Reviewer of several international scientific journals (Journal of Dairy Research; Small Ruminant Research; Italian Journal of Animal Science; Animal; Animals; Frontiers Veterinary Science;  New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research, Foods, genes (Basel), Tropical Animal Health and Production).


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-small ruminants feeding

-milk quality as affected by feeding in sheep, goats and cows

-development of pasture intake models

-feeding behaviour in sheep and goats

-interactions between feeding and genetic polymorphism at lactoprotein and lipogenic loci on milk production and quality, metabolic and hormonal profiles.