Vera Teresa Foti

Associate Professor of Agricultural and Food Economics, and Rural Appraisal [AGRI-01/A]

Professor in scientific-discipline sector AGR01 “Rural Economics and Evaluation”, in the Department of Agricultural, Food and Environment (Di3A) of University of Catania.
Degree in Agricultural Science at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Catania (A.A. 1992-93).
Winner of the scholarship "Robert Schuman" held by the European Parliament (Luxembourg), where conducts a research on: "Common Agricultural Policy and Quality of Agricultural and Food products".
She attended the 1stMasters in Agri-Food Products Marketing - University of Parma.
A.A. 1998/99: Ph.D. Degree in “Agricultural Economics and Policy” (X Cicle) (University of Catania).
A.A. 1998/99: Post-Ph.D. in Department of Agricultural Economics and Resource Valuation (DISEAE) (University of Catania) with a study on “Economy of the Dairy Sector in Sicily and Strategies for its Promotion”.
From A.A. 2004/2005 to 2009 was a member of the PhD College in “Local development" (ex Agricultural Economics and Policy) in the Economy Faculty - University of Catania.
From 2009/2010 to 2014/2015 is a member of the International PhD College in “Agri-food Economics" (University of Catania).
Teached: in 2003/2004 Agri-food Marketing in Degree Course of Agricultural Science; from 2004/2005 to 2009/2010 Agri-food Marketing in Degree Course of Agri-food Science and Technologies; in 2012/2013 Instruments and Regulations for Food Safety in and Technologies and from 2013/2014 Economics of agri-food quality products (Degree Course in Agri-food Science and Technologies).

From 2018 he is in possession of the National Scientific Qualification (ASN) - Eligibility as second-level professor in the competition sector AGR01.

As responsible or participant, she has taken part to many national and regional research projects.
She has participated in national and international scientific conferences, where she presented reports and / or communications
Referee for scientific journals and Evaluator of FIRB-Future project proposals.
Since 1999 is a member of the Italian Society of Agricultural Economics (SIDEA)
Since 1999 is a member of the Italian Association of Regional Science (AISRe).

Catania, 13/05/2024

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Agri-food Marketing; Agri-food products quality policy; Agro-Biodiversity; Social Farming; Rural and Local Development Policy.