Sample Preparation and Storage Laboratory

Via Santa Sofia - Ground floor - ChiMiTec Area
Person in charge: Giuseppe Muratore
Preposto: Riccardo Nunzio Barbagallo
Laboratory usage: research

The Sample Preparation and Storage laboratory is used for sample storage, for main preparation of spectrophotometric essays and centrifugation operations.

It is supplied by the following scientific equipment: Laminar Flow Hood; Thermo Scientific SL 16 Centrifuge; Thermo Scientific Hera Therm incubator; Control Unit MPM Instruments; Ignis Freezer; Whirlpool Freezer; Ocean Refrigerator. Furthermore, the common equipment includes: a pilot system for cheese-making (Brumital), a pilot system for olive oil production (Decanter Mori), a drying machine (Società Italiana Bianchi) and a winery equipped with packaging machine GasTechnick Delta Vacuum 30 and Danissh Separation System AS (DDS).

Number of workstations: 2