Post-harvest Plant Pathology Laboratory

Via Santa Sofia - Ground floor - Plant Protection Division
Person in charge: Gabriella Cirvilleri
Laboratory usage: research

The laboratory of post-harvest plant pathology is equipped for the study of pathogens of vegetables in post-harvest. The research is aimed to the identification and diagnosis of pre- and post-harvest phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria, and to the study and development of biological and integrated control strategies with antagonist microorganisms, natural substances, inducers of resistance. Attention is paid to the selection and evaluation of antagonistic microorganisms, their genetic variability, their mechanisms of action, and the study of the antagonist-pathogen-host interactions.

The laboratory is equipped with vertical laminar flow hood, refrigerators, freezer, semi-analytical scales, thermostats, heaters, stereomicroscope, optical microscope, pH meter, sonicator, microcentrifuge, autoclave, thermostats, thermostated bath, magnetic stirrers, equipment useful for DNA extraction and electrophoresis; climatic chamber for experimental and pathogenicity tests.

Number of workstations: 6