Plant Genetics Laboratory

via Santa Sofia - Ground Floor - Industrial Area
Person in charge: Angela Roberta Lo Piero
Laboratory usage: research

The Plant Genetics laboratory is located on the ground floor of the Via Santa Sofia 98 complex, Bioscientific Center, Body A at the Arboriculture and Plant Genetics section. It is composed of a single environment of 200 square meters where the main activities upon nucleic acid and protein are performed (RNA and DNA extraction, analysis of gene expression by real time PCR, use of molecular markers (RFLP, SSR), extraction of proteins and analysis of enzymatic activities).

The main equipment are: scales, 4 °C refrigerators, freezers (-20 °C and -80 °C), incubator, hybridization oven, ice machine, safety cabinets, laminar flow hood, trans-illuminator, trays and electricity generator for electrophoresis of nucleic acids and proteins, kinematic crusher, microwave oven, thermocyclers both for PCR at the end-point and in real time, chemical hood, bain-marie, bench centrifuges, spectrophotometer.