Plant Disease Management Laboratory

Via Santa Sofia - Ground floor - Plant Protection Division
Person in charge: Alessandro Vitale
Preposto: Alessandro Vitale
Laboratory usage: research

The Plant Disease Management laboratory carries out research activities aimed at the plant protection from fungal and bacterial diseases through integrated and eco-sustainable approaches.

The research activities include i) the evaluation of the fungicide efficacy, natural products and antagonistic microorganisms in laboratory and in microcosms, ii) in field evaluation of integrated disease control strategies and iii ) the study on baseline sensitivity and fungicide resistance phenomena occurring on phytopathogen populations.

The laboratory has several monoconidial collections of phytopathogenic fungi obtained from economically important crops in the world and it carries out a research activity aimed to identification of new plant diseases and their causal agents.

The laboratory has phytological chambers for the experimental trials carried out under controlled environment conditions and it is equipped for the identification and characterization of fungi and bacteria isolated from infected plant samples, soil and seeds. The scientific instrumentation includes a laminar flow biological hood, autoclave, incubators, optical microscopes, stereoscopic microscopes, climatic chambers and other equipment useful for the isolation and study of plant pathogens.

Number of workstations: 8 -10