Phytosanitary Biotechnologies Laboratory

Via Santa Sofia - Ground floor - Plant Protection Division
Persons in charge: Vittoria Catara and Giuseppe Eros Massimino Cocuzza
Preposto: Vittoria Catara
Laboratory usage: research

The Phytosanitary Biotechnologies laboratory is aimed at carrying out research and surveys concerning molecular analysis of plants, plant pathogens and insects. More specifically, for Entomology, the main activities are focused on the molecular recognition of species of agricultural interest and study of interactions among insects (Sternorrhyncha-parasitoids), with the use of various techniques applied to DNA analysis. The activities of plant pathology concern the study of plant-pathogen interaction mechanisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi or fungi, phytoplasms), the development and validation of molecular diagnostic methods, phylogenesis and population studies.

The laboratory is equipped with four thermocyclers, two Real-Time PCRs, a sequencer, three centrifuges, the Biolog system for the automated identification of microorganisms, a micro-organism growth analysis system in Bioscreen multi-well plates, a chemical and two biological hood, pH meter , spectrophotometer, magnetic stirrer, heat plate, bench incubator, -80 freezer, a refrigerator, a flammable cabinet and one for acids / bases, UV transilluminator, stereomicroscope, power supplies for electrophoretic cells and distiller.

Capacity: 15 people
Working station number: 8