Molecular Plant Pathology Laboratory

Via Santa Sofia - Ground floor - Plant Protection Division
Persons in charge: Santa Olga Cacciola and Antonella Pane
Preposto: Santa Olga Cacciola
Laboratory usage: research

The laboratory was developed to carry out research and provide professional services to external organizations in the diagnosis of fungal diseases and those caused by Oomycetes, crop protection whose effects have an impact on the environment and human health protection.

In the laboratory of “Molecular Plant Pathology”, traditional and molecular techniques for diagnosis and identification of fungal pathogens of crop plants, ornamentals and forest plants are used.

The major topics deal with the morphological, biochemical and molecular characterization of different species of plant pathogenic fungi and Oomycetes to monitor the spread and harmfulness to plants in agricultural and natural ecosystems.

The laboratory is equipped with facilities that allow for the diagnosis of plant diseases, using protocols approved at Ministerial and European level and up to date with technological advances.

The Service Activities, regulated by the “Decree of the Rector” 12.12.2005 n. 11366 of the University of Catania, is open to public and private institutions, to research centres and to individuals who require diagnostic expertise.

Also a great collection of plant pathogenic fungi of different genera is kept in the laboratory.

The laboratory is equipped with laminar and vertical flow hoods, and a chemical hood, refrigerator, freezer and incubators for growth and maintenance of fungal isolates "in vitro" stereo and optical microscope, thermocyclers for PCR, centrifuges, microfuges, autoclaves, incubators, climatic chambers for the growth of crops and for carrying out pathogenicity tests.

Number of workstations: 8-10.