Molecular Biology Laboratory

via Valdisavoia - First floor - Rooms 4-5-6-26-27
Person in charge: Stefano Giovanni La Malfa
Preposto: Gaetano Distefano
Laboratory usage: research

The Molecular Biology laboratory, located on the first floor of the Section Arboriculture and Agricultural Genetics of the building of Via Valdisavoia 5, is composed of 5 spaces: rooms n. 26-27, in which take place the extraction, purification and electrophoretic separation of DNA and RNA fragments of plants, the gene expression analysis  through Real Time PCR, the use of molecular markers (RFLP, RAPDs,  AFLP, SSR) for the study of biodiversity in plant species; rooms n. 4-5-6 in which the fridges, freezers, incubator and ice machine are located.

The main instruments present are: 4 °C fridges, freezers (-20 °C and -80 °C), incubator, robotic workstation for automated PCR setup, hybridization oven, ice machine, safety cabinets, laminar flow hood, stove, sequencer, transilluminator, trays and power supplies for electrophoresis, microwave oven, analytical balance, thermocyclers, chemical hood, bain-marie, bench centrifuges, nanodrop spectrophotometer, tissuelyser, instrumentation for high resolution melting.

Number of workstations: 8