Laboratory of Molecular biology and Quality of products of animal origin

via Valdisavoia - Ground floor - Rooms 1 and 2
Person in charge: Salvatore Bordonaro
Preposto: Marco Sebastiano Bella
Laboratory usage: research

The Molecular Biology laboratory is equipped with the following instruments: three PCR thermo-cyclers; capillary DNA sequencer (3130 Genetic Analyzer, Applied Biosystems); spectrophotometer for molecular biology (Nanodrop ND 1000); two-dimensional gel electrophoresis system (isoelectrophocusing - IEF); liquid chromatography system for protein purification (AKTA purifier - FPLC system); and a variety of equipment for activities related to molecular biology including centrifuge, microcentrifuge, stirrers, heating plates, UV hood, autoclave, incubation systems and systems of water purification. The listed instruments allow to determine the following analytical parameters: amplifications of regions of interest of genomic DNA; a wide variety of sequence analysis and punctual characterization on DNA including characterizations with microsatellite markers, AFLP (Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism) and screening by single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP); screening of the protein profile of complex mixtures by means of two-dimensional gel approach or by ion exchange chromatography.

The Animal Product Quality laboratory is equipped with the following instruments: a gas chromatograph with an auto-injector, coupled to a flame ionization detector (GC-FID) and to a hydrogen generator; a capillary electrophoresis equipped with an autosampler and a UV detector; pH-meters; refrigerated centrifuge; orbital movement incubator; analytical balances of different weighing capacities and thermostated magnetic stirrers. The listed instruments allow to determine various analytical parameters: composition in fatty acids of the lipid fraction of meat, milk, cheese and animal feed; milk casein and serum protein composition; determination of volatile fatty acids.