Laboratory of Biotechnology of vegetable and ornamental crops

via Valdisavoia - First floor
Person in charge: Ferdinando Branca
Preposto: Alessandro Tribulato
Laboratory usage: research

The laboratory of Biotechnology of vegetable and ornamental crops is located in the main building of the Department and is equipped with instruments for plant tissues culture as well as for morphobiometric, biochemical and molecular characterization. Moreover, in the laboratory a collection of vegetable and ornamental crops germplasm is present.

The main instruments are: HPLC / MS equipped with fluorimetric and DAD detector, transilluminator, power supply, thermostatic bath, rotavapor, centrifuge, ultracentrifuge, thermocycler, microwave, oscillators, chemical cabinet, flow laminar cabinet, autoclave, digital pH meter, heating magnetic stirrers, climatic cells, precision analytic scales, lyophilizers, optical microscope, binocular stereoscope equipped with optical fibers, electrophoretic cells, sieves, distillers. In the laboratory refrigerators, freezers (-20 °C) and ultrafreezer (-80 °C) and safety cabinets are also present.

Number of workstations: 6