Food Processing Laboratory

Via Santa Sofia - Ground floor - ChiMiTec Area
Person in charge: Riccardo Nunzio Barbagallo
Preposto: Giuseppe Muratore
Laboratory usage: research

The Food Processing laboratory is organized to perform analysis of food products as a support on technological processes.

It is supplied by the following scientific equipment: Ultrasound bath; Balance Mettler Toledo AB 204-S; Centrifuge DR 15 B BRAUN biotech International; Shimadzu 2401 UV / VIS spectrophotometer; pH meter XS Instruments PC 510; Cryostat Isco GGR 2000 + Laboretta 4000 Heidolph bath + KNF vacuum pump Neuberg Laboport; Thermo Quest Finningam LC Q Duo gas system + Spectra System P 2000 injection system + UV detector 600 LP + SCM 1000; HPLC Varian 9012 Q; HPLC Varian Detector 330; HPLC Perkin Elmer Detector LC-25; Refrigerator Ariston; pH meter Meter 3310 Jenway; Balance Orma Model BC; GC-Agilent 6890 and 5973 Network mass selective detector; HP 5890 GC Gas Chromatograph; GC 5890 II series gas chromatograph.

 Number of workstations: 8