Food Microbiology Laboratory

Via Santa Sofia - First and ground floor - ChiMiTec Area
Person in charge: Cinzia Caggia
Preposto: Alessandra Pino
Laboratory usage: research

The laboratory of Agricultural and Food Microbiology, located in via Santa Sofia 98, consists of two rooms, one on the ground floor dedicated to conventional analysis and one in the basement reserved for molecular biology.

The Agricultural and Food Microbiology Laboratory is fully equipped for isolation, characterization and taxonomic identification of microorganisms isolated from various sources.

The main equipments are: optical microscopes, including one provided with phase contrast, system of image acquisition and fluorescence; autoclaves for sterilization; a Direct-Q ultrapure water system; laminar flow cabinets; bead-beater; microwave ovens; thermal cycler; pH-meter; benchtop spectrophotometer; a CHEF mapper for pulsed field electrophoresis of chromosomes; a DCode System for Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE); a trasilluminator; horizontal electrophoresis cells; an electroporator; a Southern blotting system; a DNA hybridization oven; benchtop and refrigerated centrifuges; anaerobic jars; semi-analytic scales; thermostats; a cold room; a -80° C freezer; an ice flake producer; thermostatic baths; magnetic stirrers; a microplates reader; an eppendorf Thermomixer; a dansensor (gas meter); an hygrometer; a portable air sampler; a portable water sampler; a DNA/RNA Qubit quantifier.

Number of workstations: 6