Chemical Laboratory

via Valdisavoia - Second floor - Rooms 6 and 7
Person in charge: Giorgio Testa
Preposto: Maria Stefania Longo
Laboratory usage: research

The Chemical laboratory of the Section of Agronomy and field crops cultivation is located in via Valdisavoia 5. It is composed of three spaces on the second floor. The Chemistry laboratory has all the necessary equipment for the study and the characterization of plant biomass and soil.

The main analytical devices available in the laboratory are: fiber analysis system, oven for drying vegetable matrices and soils, muffle furnace for ash determination, freeze-drying, spectrophotometer, mineralizer for nitrogen and protein determination, distiller, bioreactor for the pretreatment of vegetable matrices, batch system for the determination of the methanogenic potential and continuous fermentation system for the evaluation of the production of methane from different matrices.

Number of workstations: 4