Building and Land Engineering Laboratory

Via Santa Sofia - Ground floor - Engineering Area
Person in charge: Alessandro D'Emilio
Preposto: Alessandro D'Emilio
Laboratory usage: research

The Building and Land Engineering laboratory is equipped with instruments for conducting research activity in the field of agricultural building and agroforestry.

The laboratory is equipped with sensors and measuring instruments for the assessment of climatic conditions inside and outside buildings and greenhouses. The equipment includes an IR camera and several probes for measuring climatic parameters (temperature and relative humidity probes, pyranometers, anemometers, soil temperature probes, soil heat flow probes, etc.), which can be wired into data-loggers for continuous monitoring.

The laboratory is able to perform the spectroradiometric characterization of plastic films used as greenhouse covering and soil mulching in the medium infrared wavelength range (2.5 mm - 25 mm).

The laboratory is also equipped with a GPS satellite system for topographic surveys and a multifunctional cartographic station for large format scanning, processing and printing.

A real-time localization system based on Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology is available, equipped with RFID tags implantable to animals in intensive farming, for studying their individual behavior.

A INNOVA photoacustic analyzer is available for the measurement of concentration of ammonia and climate-altering gases (methane, dinitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide): the instrument consists of a Multigas Monitor mod 1412i and a multipoint sampler 1409/12, produced by LumasenseTechnologies A / S.