Biocontrol Laboratory

Via Santa Sofia - Ground floor - Plant Protection Division
Person in charge: Gaetano Siscaro
Preposto: Gaetano Siscaro
Laboratory usage: research

In the Biocontrol laboratory researches are developed for studying various aspects of the biology, behavior and applications of entomophagous insects of agricultural and forest interest. Moreover, in the framework of the development of novel pest control strategies, studies are carried out on the use of semiochemicals, the plant defense mechanisms, plant-insect, pest-natural enemy, natural enemy-natural enemy interactions.

The laboratory has a station with a motorized and a non-motorized microscopy and digital imaging and video recording system; six stereomicroscopes for insect observation, dissection and preparation are also available. The laboratory is equipped with chemical safety cabinet, a biological and a chemical hood. Two termo-controlled rooms and eight cabinets are also available for the maintenance of insect pest and natural enemy colonies. In the lab there are three personal computers connect with a LAN and wireless network for the use of the major bibliographic resources and data analysis.

Capacity: 15 people
Number of workstations: 6