Agricultural Zoology Laboratory

Via Santa Sofia - Ground floor - Plant Protection Division
Person in charge: Gaetana Mazzeo
Preposto: Gaetana Mazzeo
Laboratory usage: research

The research activities carried out in this laboratory are related to arthropods and other animals of agricultural interest, such as, for example, nematodes, mites and their natural enemies. Moreover, researches on pollinator fauna surveys in artificial and natural landscapes, beekeeping and honeybee health are carried out.

The laboratory is equipped with instruments and tools for the extraction and detection of nematode pests from soil and vegetal matters. The specific identification of mites, nematodes and insects is also conducted. A zoological and entomological collection is also available for teaching activities.

Instruments and tools: Stereomicroscopes, high resolution microscope, nematode extraction apparatus, chemical hood, video recording tools.

Capacity: 15 people
Working station number: 6