Luciano Caruso

Assistant Professor of Agricultural machinery and mechanization [AGR/09]

28 giugno 2023

Date and Place of birth: Catania, 22/01/1967

Qualifications: Degree in Agricultural Science, University of Catania.

Teaching and Research: Since 2007 Researcher of Agricultural Mechanisation (AGR/09) at Department of Agricoltura, Alimentazione e Ambiente - University of Catania.

Before and after degree he has taken part and organised scientific research which was required by public institutions and private enterprise. Recently he has been concerned with safety and ergonomics in agriculture (open field, packing houses and greenhouses), labour and energy requirement in agricultural (subtropical) crops, pest protection of crops, harvest and post-harvest of orchard crops and other fruits, soil conservation, mechanisation of subtropical crops.

Co-author in about 130 publications, a lot of which presented in national and international occasion of meetings and published on specialized magazines.

Delegate for Safety in the workplace.

Delegate for the orientation activity of the LM-70 Degree Course.

Last edit: 06/28/2023

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As for the scientific production for issues closely related to ergonomics and safety in studies and proven by the large number of publications made. In particular, in recent years this interest has become highly specific and recognized both by third parties, most notably the INAIL, as specified in producing teaching and also as part of the university department of Belonging - Section Mechanics and Mechanization.

In addition, Dr. Luciano Caruso is co-author of scientific papers that have been presented at national and international conferences, the results of which were often published in professional journals. The experimental research focused on various topics of agricultural mechanization and with reference to the Mediterranean crops, both woody and herbaceous, and protected crops. The research may be submitted by themes:

• Mechanization of farming operations related to citrus and prickly pear;

• Collection of woody plants with reference to hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios;

• Ergonomics, safety and hygiene at work, in relation to the execution of farming operations related to tree cultivation;

• Operations concerning systems and operations of machine milking of cattle and sheep;

• Distribution of pesticides in citrus groves and protected in greenhouses;

• Uses of work and energy of entire process of cultivation of vegetable crops in protected in greenhouses;

• Protection and conservation of soil from erosion by the impoverishment of organic matter;

• Post-harvest operations of various crops, such as the study of the impacts caused by the fruits of orange and prickly pear, during transit in the lines of post-harvest processing, carried out through the use of computerized sensors released in line between the fruits.