Giovanni La Via

Full Professor of Agricultural and Food Economics, and Rural Appraisal [AGRI-01/A]


He became associate professor in 1992 and he firstly conducted courses on Mountain and Forest Economy at the University of Messina. Since the academic year 1993/94 he has taught Economics of agro-food industry, Economics and management of agribusiness and Marketing of agro-food products at the University of Catania.
He has been full professor since the academic year 2001/2002 at the University of Catania.
As a delegate of the Rector of the University of Catania, he started and co-ordinated the “European Office” working on European projects planning and management between 1994 and 2000.
Since 1994 he has been called by he Ministry of University and the Conference of Rectors in order to support the management of the Operative Programme of objective 1 European Regions.
He joined the Technical Committee of the Conference of Regions working on research and educational issues.
Since 1996 he has been member of the Academic Senate of the University of Catania where he has been particularly involved in European financial support to scientific research and university education.
He has been responsible for several research projects (Sprint, Rittz, Fair).
He is the President of the degree course in Food Sciences and Technologies at the University of Catania.
He has been named as expert evaluator of the 5th RTD Framework Programme.

From 2002 to 2005 has been Director of the Department of Agricultural Economy and Policy

From 2006 to 2009 has been Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of the Sicilian Region

From 2009 to 2019 has been elected Member of the European Parliament
From 2020 was appointed as General Director of the University of Catania
He is the author of many scientific papers and articles published in referred national and international journals.






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Academic Year 2019/2020

Consumption Economics (theory and empirical applications), Food product marketing, Technological innovation economics in agro-food sector, Agricultural economics and policy, Economic evaluations in aquaculture and fisheries sectors.

From 2 January 2020 General Director of the University of Catania (2020-2023)