Academic Year 2016/2017 - 1° Year
Teaching Staff Credit Value: 12
Taught classes: 63 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

  • Physics

    Provide the student with the wealth of knowledge that allows him to deal with more specific courses of the curriculum; It has therefore tried not to present the course as an epitome of an usual two-year course of physics, by entering in program applications in the food field usually omitted. The discussion of various topics is carried out as formally correct as possible, while remaining within the scope of mathematical knowledge acquired by students in previous courses.

  • Mechanics and Machinery

    To give the students the basic knowledge of applied mechanics and of the main machinery present in the agro industrial sector, useful for a proper management of the processes. To emphasize the engineering approach to the discipline, accustoming the students towards a critical evaluation of the numerical results.

Detailed Course Content

  • Physics

    1. Introduction
    State of a physical system and physically significant quantities - the measurement of physical quantities and measurement errors - measurement unit - dimensional equations - scalar and vectors - elements of vector algebra - graphical representation of physical laws.

    2 - Mechanics
    Description of the motion of a body - reference systems - principle of inertia - second law of dynamics - the third law of motion - conservation of momentum - fields of force - work of a force - kinetic energy theorem - conservative fields - potential - conservation of mechanical energy - moment of forces - conservation of angular momentum.

    3 - Fluid Mechanics
    Fluid properties - fluid statics: laws of Pascal, Stevin and Archimedes - ideal fluids and Bernoulli's theorem - laminar of a viscous fluid motion: law of Poiseuille - turbulent flow - sedimentation - surface phenomena: Laplace law and phenomena of capillarity - diffusion of solutes - law of Fick - osmosis.

    4 - Electromagnetic Phenomena
    Electric charge - electrostatic field - Gauss' theorem and its applications - capacitors - dielectric - polarization of the dielectric - Electrical currents in conductors and in electrolytes - law of Faraday - magnetic induction - Ampere's law - magnetic field in matter - electromotive force induced - Lenz's law - Maxwell's equations - electromagnetic waves.

    5 - Wave phenomena
    Free mechanical vibrations - energy of a harmonic oscillator - waves progressive harmonics - longitudinal and transverse waves - plane waves and spherical waves - waves monochrome - Fourier analysis - Doppler effect - principle of Huygens - the sound and its characteristics - physics of the ear - ultrasound.

    6 - Elements of optical
    Reflection and refraction - Snell's Law - approximation of geometrical optics - spherical diopter - thin lenses - geometric building image - microscope - physical optics - coherent sources - interference - diffraction - diffraction grating - resolving power of an optical instrument - polarization.

    7 - Elements of modern physics and radiation (outline)
    Photons - relation of Planck - duality wave-corpuscolo- diffraction of electrons - dncertainty principle. elements of atomic structure - interaction of radiation with matter - laws Lambert and Beer - spectroscopy - X-ray - structure of the atomic nucleus - radioactivity and the law of radioactive decay - biological effects of radiation - dosimetry and radiation protection of workers.

  • Mechanics and Machinery

    Fundamentals of mechanics: International System of Units (SI); forces applied to the machines; mechanical work; friction: sources and remedies; efficiency; basics on power transmission systems.

    Applied thermodynamics (thermodynamic system, first and second law of thermodynamic, thermodynamic diagrams); heat transmission in steady state condition (conduction, convection, radiation); gases and vapours (quality, use of table of water vapour); moist air properties (humidity, enthalpy, psychrometric charts).

    Basic machinery in agro industrial plants: heat exchanger (equi- and counter-flow, sizing), pumps (positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, power pump calculation), compressors, centrifugal separators and extractors, main electrical machines, Otto and Diesel internal combustion engines, refrigeration cycles.

Textbook Information

  • Physics

    1. J.W. Jewett, R.A. Serway: Pricipi di Fisica, vol I, 5° edizione, EdiSES, Napoli

    2. E.Ragozzino: Principi di Fisica, EdiSES, Napoli

    3. R.C. Davidson: Metodi matematici per un corso introduttivo di Fisica, EdiSES, Napoli

    Student are free to use any text they consider more convenient

  • Mechanics and Machinery

    1. Anzalone G., Bassignana P., Brafa Musicoro G., Fondamenti di meccanica e macchine, Hoepli.

    2. Çengel Y., Termodinamica e trasmissione del calore, Mc GrawHill.

    3. Teaching material provided during lectures