Academic Year 2015/2016 - 1° Year - Curriculum ALIMENTI E SALUTE and Curriculum VALORIZZAZIONE DEI PRODOTTI TIPICI
Teaching Staff Credit Value: 12
Scientific field
  • FIS/01 - Experimental physics
  • AGR/09 - Agricultural machinery and mechanization
Taught classes: 72 hours
Term / Semester:

Detailed Course Content

  • Physics

    1. Introduction
    State of a physical system and physically significant quantities - the measurement of physical quantities and measurement errors - measurement unit - dimensional equations - scalar and vectors - elements of vector algebra - graphical representation of physical laws.

    2 - Mechanics
    Description of the motion of a body - reference systems - principle of inertia - second law of dynamics - the third law of motion - conservation of momentum - fields of force - work of a force - kinetic energy theorem - conservative fields - potential - conservation of mechanical energy - moment of forces - conservation of angular momentum.

    3 - Fluid Mechanics
    Fluid properties - fluid statics: laws of Pascal, Stevin and Archimedes - ideal fluids and Bernoulli's theorem - laminar of a viscous fluid motion: law of Poiseuille - turbulent flow - sedimentation - surface phenomena: Laplace law and phenomena of capillarity - diffusion of solutes - law of Fick - osmosis.

    4 - Electromagnetic Phenomena
    Electric charge - electrostatic field - Gauss' theorem and its applications - capacitors - dielectric - polarization of the dielectric - Electrical currents in conductors and in electrolytes - law of Faraday - magnetic induction - Ampere's law - magnetic field in matter - electromotive force induced - Lenz's law - Maxwell's equations - electromagnetic waves.

    5 - Wave phenomena
    Free mechanical vibrations - energy of a harmonic oscillator - waves progressive harmonics - longitudinal and transverse waves - plane waves and spherical waves - waves monochrome - Fourier analysis - Doppler effect - principle of Huygens - the sound and its characteristics - physics of the ear - ultrasound.

    6 - Elements of optical
    Reflection and refraction - Snell's Law - approximation of geometrical optics - spherical diopter - thin lenses - geometric building image - microscope - physical optics - coherent sources - interference - diffraction - diffraction grating - resolving power of an optical instrument - polarization.

    7 - Elements of modern physics and radiation (outline)
    Photons - relation of Planck - duality wave-corpuscolo- diffraction of electrons - dncertainty principle. elements of atomic structure - interaction of radiation with matter - laws Lambert and Beer - spectroscopy - X-ray - structure of the atomic nucleus - radioactivity and the law of radioactive decay - biological effects of radiation - dosimetry and radiation protection of workers.

  • Mechanics and Machinery

    Fundamentals of mechanics: International System of Units (SI); forces applied to the machines; mechanical work; friction: sources and remedies; efficiency; basics on power transmission systems.

    Applied thermodynamics (thermodynamic system, first and second law of thermodynamic, thermodynamic diagrams); heat transmission in steady state condition (conduction, convection, radiation); gases and vapours (quality, use of table of water vapour); moist air properties (humidity, enthalpy, psychrometric charts).

    Basic machinery in agro industrial plants: heat exchanger (equi- and counter-flow, sizing), pumps (positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, power pump calculation), compressors, centrifugal separators and extractors, main electrical machines, Otto and Diesel internal combustion engines, refrigeration cycles.

Textbook Information

  • Physics

    1. J.W. Jewett, R.A. Serway: Pricipi di Fisica, vol I, 5° edizione, EdiSES, Napoli

    2. E.Ragozzino: Principi di Fisica, EdiSES, Napoli

    3. R.C. Davidson: Metodi matematici per un corso introduttivo di Fisica, EdiSES, Napoli

    Student are free to use any text they consider more convenient

  • Mechanics and Machinery

    1. Anzalone G., Bassignana P., Brafa Musicoro G., Fondamenti di meccanica e macchine, Hoepli.

    2. Çengel Y., Termodinamica e trasmissione del calore, Mc GrawHill.

    3. Teaching material provided during lectures