Academic Year 2018/2019 - 1° Year
Teaching Staff Credit Value: 12
Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
Taught classes: 63 hours
Exercise: 42 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

  • Mechanics and Machinery

    To give the students the basic knowledge of applied mechanics and of the main machinery present in the agro industrial sector, useful for a proper management of the processes. To emphasize the engineering approach to the discipline, accustoming the students towards a critical evaluation of the numerical results.

Course Structure

  • Mechanics and Machinery

    Teaching is done through lectures and guided exercises to solve problems of practical interest in the sector of food engineering.

Detailed Course Content

  • Mechanics and Machinery

    Fundamentals of mechanics: International System of Units (SI); forces applied to the machines; mechanical work; friction: sources and remedies; efficiency; basics on power transmission systems.

    Applied thermodynamics (thermodynamic system, first and second law of thermodynamic, thermodynamic diagrams); heat transmission in steady state condition (conduction, convection, radiation); gases and vapours (quality, use of table of water vapour); moist air properties (humidity, enthalpy, psychrometric charts).

    Basic machinery in agro industrial plants: heat exchanger (equi- and counter-flow, sizing), pumps (positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, power pump calculation), compressors, centrifugal separators and extractors, main electrical machines, Otto and Diesel internal combustion engines, refrigeration cycles.

Textbook Information

  • Mechanics and Machinery

    1. Anzalone G., Bassignana P., Brafa Musicoro G., Fondamenti di meccanica e macchine, Hoepli.

    2. Çengel Y., Termodinamica e trasmissione del calore, Mc GrawHill.

    3. Teaching material provided during lectures