Salvatore Bracco

Associate Professor of Agricultural economics and rural appraisal [AGR/01]

Salvatore Bracco has a degree in Agricultural Sciences and since 1983 he began collaborating with the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Policy.

Winner of a public competition, has served as technical graduate at the same Institute of Agricultural Economics and Politics before and, later, at the Department of Agricultural Economics and Estimative (DISEAE), University of Catania from from 16/04/1984 to 31/10/2000.

From 1 November 2000 as winner of the contest was appointed Assistant Professor in the role of SSD AGR/01.

In November 2005 she obtained the ability to associate professor for the scientific sector and AGR/01 March 15, 2006 was called by the Faculty of Agriculture, where he held the same role at the Department Agri-Food and Environmental Systems Management (DiGeSA) University of Catania.


Teaching activities

From the academic year 1994/95 to 1999/00 has been adjunct professor of economics and estimation (AGR/01) at the Faculty of Agriculture. From November 2000 as a researcher and from 15 March 2006 as an associate professor he taught various courses of the same scientific sector.

Since academic year 2011-12 is a professor for the disciplines in SSD AGR/01.

He did some teaching modules related to the disciplines of the SSD of belonging within the university and Master in many professional training courses financedby MIUR and / or the ESF


Other activities

He is a member of the Board for the Department of Agricultural and Food Research in Economics, where he also served as a coadjutor in the academic years 2004-05/2007-08. Supervisor of numerous dissertations and tutor of doctoral students and trainees. Component of commissions for the final examination of PhD and for the qualifying examination to the profession of agronomist.


Membership in scientific societies and committees

Is an ordinary member of the Italian Society of Agricultural Economics (SIDEA) and the Research Centre for Appraisal and Land Economics (Ce.SET).

He is a member of the Technical and Scientific Research Consortium Meat Sector (CoRFilCarni) at the University of Messina, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

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He has conducted research on the following topics:

  • Economics of vegetable production in greenhouses;
  • Economics and management of livestock;
  • DOP olive growing areas of economic analysis in Sicily;
  • Analysis of the consumption of extra virgin olive oil DOP in Sicily;
  • The consumption of fresh-cut vegetables in Sicily;
  • Agriculture and biological products;
  • Quality viticulture in Sicily;
  • Rural development and marketing of the territory;
  • Impact of agrofuel production;
  • Land market in the province of Catania.