Mechanics and Mechanisation

Person in charge: Emanuele Cerruto

Section of Mechanics and Mechanisation originates from the Institute of Agricultural Mechanics and owes its development initially to the action of Prof. Ing. Pietro Caparrini and, subsequently, to that of Prof. Ing. Giacomo Blandini, until his untimely death in 2009.

The Section of Mechanics and Mechanisation consists of six Researchers (one Full Professor, three Associate Professors and two Assistant Professors), all of the scientific sector AGR/09 - Agricultural Mechanics. They are Agronomists and Engineers, and this allows to face all the aspects, structural, functional, and of interaction with the operator, of agricultural machineries and agro-food and energy plants.

The research activity covers many aspects of the agricultural, food, energetic and landscape sectors, among which:
  • Machines and techniques for soil protection.
  • Machines for plant protection products application and their setting to ensure uniform application and reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Development of machines for the release of natural antagonists (beneficials) to be used in biological and / or integrated pest management.
  • Machines for tree crop harvesting.
  • Packing lines for fruit and vegetables in post-harvest.
  • Mechanisation in the horticultural and flower nursery sector.
  • Mechanisation in the sector of ready-to-eat produces, both in field and in processing plants.
  • Plants for milking and cheese-making.
  • Plants for the production of energy or biofuels from biomasses and techniques for redistributing the by-products in field according to the circular economy.
Other transversal topics dealt with in the Section of Mechanics and Mechanisation concern:
  • Ergonomics, safety and hygiene at work.
  • Sensors and Automation.

As part of the research activity, prototypes have been developed, one of which concerning the release of beneficials was also patented. Some modifications to the machines under study are also proposed to the manufacturers with whom the Section collaborates.

The members of the Section are all involved in the teaching courses in the degree courses assigned to the Department.