Sensory Analysis Laboratory

Via Santa Sofia - Ground floor - ChiMiTec Area
Person in charge: Elena Arena
Preposto: Elena Arena
Laboratory usage: research

The Sensory Analysis laboratory is located in via Santa Sofia 98, on ground floor.

The Sensory Analysis laboratory designed according to the UNI EN ISO 8589 standard has a kitchen equipped for the preparation and storage of food and 8 computerized cabins with Fizz Biosystemes software, for the study of the sensory quality of food products. In the laboratory tests can be carried out to define the sensory profile of a food; to evaluate the influence of the formulation, of the process parameters and packaging variables on the sensory properties of a product; to study sensory shelf-life; to compare the sensory properties of a food product with those of other products on the market; and hedonistic tests.

Number of workstations: 8